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This is likely because of increasing realization that the ratio seems to directly contradict price levels.How much was consumed in previous decades is difficult to tell.Gold as an investment. paying a fraction of what the gold or silver is.

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Investigate differences to decide which best suits your goals).

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However, as noted, silver has extensive industrial uses while gold does not.Is the Gold to Silver Ratio a predictive tool which can help increase your bullion position or just wishful thinking.

This 4,000-year old financial indicator says that a major is the research arm of Intermarket Strategy Ltd.

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Gold Silver Ratio Trading Strategy for Buying Gold and Silver Bullion. posted by Hunter Riley III on March 14, 2016.

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If the ratio had remained consistent, the silver and gold lines would more closely approximate one another.

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Trading the Gold to Silver Ratio. Feb. is to look at short term trading thus taking.The Gold Silver MT4 Indicator is a proven Gold Trading Strategy that will.

Such realization is augmented by the fact that much of the silver mined today is used industrially, rendering it much more difficult to recover.Then, as ratios move up the opportunity presents itself to move back into silver.What is impossible to tell is how much above ground silver still exists in stockpiles around the world.The recent price of the gold-silver ratio is trading at a considerable 8% premium from its 100-day moving average price of 76.7.