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As Ajayi and Mougoue (1996) search the relationship between exchange rates and stock indices for eight advanced economies using daily data from 1985 to 1991.

Since early nineties, researches started using advance econometrics tools to find a relationship between the variables and their assorted results.This currency rates table lets you compare an amount in New Zealand Dollar to all other currencies.In floating exchange rate systems, the market value of a currency is determined by the demand for and supply of a currency Most currency dealing is speculative but.The Impact of Exchange Rates on Hotel Occupancy 37 addition to a contemporaneous comparison, we believe there may very well be a lag.

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Learn the importance of central banks in global currency trading from this online Forex course.

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What are the effects of fiscal policy on aggregate economic activity in a globalised world.One study which provides a foundation for further studies was by Ma and Kao (1990), whereby they test the degree of stock prices reaction to exchange rates changes in different countries.

Higher interest rates would boost up foreign investment by attracting investors seek higher return on investment.With higher interest rate, the domestic market is able to attract foreign capital, leading to an appreciation of the domestic currency.The value of the dollar is both caused and reflected by interest rates, and interest.The exchange rate is used when simply converting one currency to.

How interest rate affects currency. There are two main models that tell us how exchange rates behave based on the two main forces driving demand.

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This is a key question in current policy and academic debates.

We study the relation among exchange rates, balance sheets, and macro-economic outcomes in a small open economy model.

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Hakkio Public sector debt in the industrialized world has increased dramatically over the.

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As per their research, an appreciating currency negatively affects the domestic stock market for a country with larger export sector and positively affects the domestic stock market for an import-dominant country.Their findings were, whether in short run or long run, cointegration was found for Tunisia, where exchange rate depreciation drives stock prices down.A few central banks have surprised with exchange rate policy changes.The analysis was made for the period 1992 to 2005 by using vector autoregressive (VAR) cointegration and impulse response analysis to determine the long- and short-run linkages between stock prices and exchange rates.The forex market regroups international players through a network of computers that connect participants from across the globe.

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As for the stock oriented models, as opposed to flow oriented model, stipulate that changes in stock prices cause changes in exchange rates through the use of financial account (capital account) transactions.Price- weighted index: whereby only the price of the stock is used to calculate the value of the index.Jabara May 2009 Office of Industries U.S. International Trade Commission.The differences among countries were explained by the nature of their economies, specifically by the extent to which the economy depends on exports and imports.

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